Merry Christmas
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“This year I’ve transformed the traditional feel and mood of the traditional Auld Lang Syne into a new Alt Lang Syne which uses a melody that predates the one most of us know and sing on New Year’s Eve. It’s an equally memorable anthem and I’m hopeful this upbeat version I’ve done can become a standard dancefloor banger at the parties this New Year and every other New Year from now on.”

Don’t miss out – download, stream and get rocking to HNY 23-24 Alt Lang Syne right now and be ready for New Year’s Eve 23-24.

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  • "Breadcrumbs" paints a vivid picture of affection doled out sparingly. Ogletree's emotive vocals and masterful instrumentation create a relatable journey through the nuances of love and connection.
  • A deeply personal biography unfolds in "Black Blood," an exploration of the challenges faced growing up as the only black boy for miles in a white Scottish society. The track resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.


My mamma was a Scottish woman

My daddy from Alabam’

About The Blaxcotsman

The Blaxcotsman (aka Mike Ogletree) was born and grew up in Scotland, his mother was a Scottish woman and his father, an African/American, was from Birmingham, Alabama. The blend of these cultural influences over time have given him a unique perspective on life and a singular approach to the art of music and what he contributes to it. His rather quirky origins give life to music with a difference, a sound that is at once familiar yet different and new at the same time, something that can’t be defined without first giving it a few listens.

Having spent most of his time fantasizing about, or being, a musician Mike has acquired skills and experience as a drummer, percussionist, singer/songwriter, guitarist, sound engineer and music producer. Throughout his career he has toured and recorded with some of the top performers in their fields culminating in his debut as a solo artist – The Blaxcotsman.

While his current album, Passing White, is the best sounding introduction to his music, Mike’s back catalog is equally worthy of your attention. It includes a new take on the Simple Minds album New Gold Dream where he plays almost all the instruments and sings. As well as his first solo album “The Kilmarnock Edition,” which includes his take on the works of the 18th c. Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Overjoyed to be living and working in the USA, Mike now lives near Asheville, NC a mere two hours drive from his Alabama family. An accomplished balladeer of Scots and Celtic song The Blaxcotsman regularly performs as the “artist-in-residence” at The Meadowlark Motel, a Smoky Mountain motel in Western North Carolina. He also hosts live music gigs each Friday and Saturday in the Meadowlark’s Speakeasy bar featuring the most talented regional musicians.

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